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            Honesty is the foundation, the market is changing, honesty will never change

            About us

            About us:

            Chang Hang Color Co.,LTD was established in 2018, which belongs to Changzhou North American Chemical Group and devotes to providing high quality organic pigments and thorough solutions for printing inks, paints and plastic,etc. At the same time, we also provide solvent dyes and some other related raw materials to save the purchasing cost and time.

            Changzhou North American Chemical Group, one of the biggest Organic Pigments manufacturer in China, which was founded in 1980. Now we have about 600 employees, 36 production lines with 60,000 MT production volume.



            We have strictly quality control and thorough application test system to make sure the products can satisfy the most strictly quality requirements. To each customer, we provide the most suitable quality and products. According to different requirements, CH Color also can provide customized solutions.

            Environmental protection:

            The long-term development of company cannot ignore the environmental protection. To keep the stable production, we have thorough facilities for environmental protection.  


            Workshops & Equipments:

            Now we have about 600 employees, 36 production lines. Annual production volume has reached 60000 tons.



            Quality control:

            According to different application area and quality requirements, CH Color has thorough quality control system to keep the stable quality.